Limelight College Life Clothes!

Hi Episodians,

This week we’re bringing you some new styles to to help you get ready for the Summer sun. Here’s a list of all the clothes in the release:

Female Limelight
Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Blue Aqua
Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Neutral Black
Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Pink Rubellite
Thick Framed Nerdy Frames Plastic Blue Cyan
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Grey Black
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Olive Green
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Red Cherry
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Pink True
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Blue Jungle
Pleated Straight Waistband Cotton Blue Raven
Lace Cinched Skirt Cotton Purple
Lace Cinched Skirt Cotton Sky Blue
Lace Cinched Skirt Cotton Peach

As always, if you experience any issues please let us know!
The Episode Team


This one is beautiful!

These are so great, thank you!

Three limelight updates in a row?!
I must be dreaming… This is awesome!


Probably because there were 3 (or was it two?) Ink updates in a row, so if they didn’t balance it out with Limelight, people would complain :joy:

You need to sort by ‘Most Recently Updated’ :wink:


I can’t wait for more male college clothing. That will be cool.

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I think it was two in a row! Which was why I was surprised!

How many people work on creating outfits? Only one? Because as I see lately not many outfits are released at once.

I’d suggest to Episode to hire more skillful people for making outfits. And don’t make them just in few colors, when there are many more colors left and changing outfit color takes just a second.


It’s not that easy, they can’t just copy and recolor assets, they need to develop them and test them. Even if they just change an outfit’s color, it could still have glitches and things they need to fix.

I also don’t think it’s fair to assume that’s there’s “only one” person working on creating outfits, as all outfits are produced a quality that I don’t think only one person could produce. And if they is only one person, it’s not really your place to “suggest” how Episode should run its company.


You’re right, it can’t be easy and it must take a lot of time and work for just one item. Even some of the stuff that does get released occasionally still has little bugs (like stuff that disappears behind hair when it shouldn’t).

We’ve also got to remember that they’re not just creating items for the clothing updates that we get almost every week, but also clothing for both released and currently unreleased featured stories that the community users don’t have access to yet.

Usually when we get huge clothing releases, it’s a backlog of stuff from featured stories that wasn’t released to the community (like the police uniforms for LL. Hint hint👀)


I think they should stop releasing clothing for featured stories and start on community ones. The reason @CoraMae said only one person is working, is because we still haven’t even received sneakers for females. Something as important as that. And about changing color, there’s always something called hue & saturation.


I think we’re getting enough content, it’s just that sometimes WHAT we get seems weird (maybe there are reasons that we as users don’t know about for why they make what they make first, though).
Like, as you say, we’re missing a lot of basics like sneakers and flats for female characters. Also cheerleader uniforms, sports wear, police uniforms, and other things that are commonly used in Episode stories.
…but we DO have ~Easter wear~ and ~floral suits~ for men! :joy:


Ooooh okkay!! This is a little better. I’m glad you decided to release these too instead of just backgrounds, that would’ve been… disappointing =/

You are aware that these clothes have been out for about two weeks right?

Ohh, Lollll… Nope. In that case, nevermind! =P xD

Is it possible to make sneakers for female Limelight characters?

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I was wondering if it would be possible to get more athletic clothing for LL characters. I was also looking for sandals to go with summer clothes. Thank you.


College life? If this was really college life, there would be more sneakers & hoodies. Yikes. :roll_eyes:


Ink? Anyone?
I wish ink clothes is released equally as limelight is. :slightly_frowning_face: