Limelight Cover Requests! [ON HOLD]

Hello everyone!

This is the place where you can request a cover for your stories!
I only do LIMELIGHT, so if you’re looking for an INK cover this isn’t the place for you, so please don’t submit one if yours is in INK, it will be ignored!

Why do I only do Limelight? Well, just because I prefer it! :woman_shrugging:

Be patient. Depending on your request, it may take a little longer to get done!

If you do not like the cover I make, please let me know, I will fix whatever is not your liking only ONCE!

I have the right to reject any requests. I will not tolerate rudeness! :roll_eyes:

All I ask in return is give me CREDIT on my Instagram @ashh_writes. You can do this either on your Instagram or your story. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please fill the form out here:



If you DO NOT have an Instagram .

Story name:



Is your story published? If not when?:

Short story description:

Cover size:

How many characters on the cover?

Character details:

Character pose (optional):

Specific background (optional):

Addtinonal info/requests:

Here’s a cover I did of my own story.

Here’s a cover for my upcoming story!

Here’s someones cover I did for them on Facebook!


So gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you!

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Do you do covers for others ? hehe :wink:

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Yes, read above! Lol

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Oh ! I completed the form ! :blush:

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I messaged you on Instagram for the rest of the details.

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How’s this for the small cover?? @Iristrdo


Large cover. @Iristrdo


Perfect, love them so much

thank you ! :slight_smile: :wink:

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I need a cover please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Character 1 (girl)
Skin: Rose 02
Brow: Round Thin High (Black Dark)
Hair: Morning Updo (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Green Emerald)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Matte)
Clothes (girl)
Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Red Plum Rose
Choker Floor Length V Neck Dress Grey Ivory
Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Gold
Heels House Party Leather White
Princess Tiara Silver Dimond Grey Light Cool
Character 2 (boy)
Skin: Rose 03
Brow: Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Hair: Slicked Back Solid
Eyes: Oval Wide
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Round Wide
Lips: Full Heart Natural (Beige Rose)
Clothes (boy)
High Top Hipster Canvas Gray
Skinny Jean Torn Rolled Cuff Denim Blue Oxford
Swoopneck Tee Ombre Grey White Blue Oxford
Girl: shush_neutral_pose
Boy : flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
Forbidden Love
By Izzy Jones

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Small and Large Please. Not Published.
Thank You!!

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Thanks, I will work on it soon!


Story name *
I Married My Cruch
Author *
Genre *
Not UP yet maybe in 3 weeks
Description :
A girl that has a cruch on a famous singer & ,one day they had to fake their marriage for a public reason
Cover size : Both

How many character’s on the cover? *
Character details *
*MC :
Skin: gold 2
Hair : Long Straight Loose Solid in deep brown
Nose: round broad
Eyebrows : Arched Natural in deep brown,
Face shape : Heart soft,
Eyes : Female Generic in brown dark
Lips :Full heart pouty in rose Light nude matte
(wearing Bodycon Sleeveless Dress Asymmetrical Lace Overlay Polyester Red Cherry)

*Love Interest :
Skin : gold 2
Hair : Slicked Back Solid in dark black
Brows :Straight Medium in black
Nose : Grecian Narrow
Face shape : Triangle Chiseled
Eyes : Monolid Slender in deep blue
Lips : Full Heart Natural in faire rose matte
(He doesn’t need to wear a formal suit ,jus a t normal black bad boy clothes )

The B
Skin : neutral 02 ,
Hair : Long Feathered in ginger red
Nose : Defined Natural
Eyebrows : Arched Thick Styled in dark brown,
Lips : Full Round Flat Top Skin in pink warm gloss
Face shape : Heart Defined
Eyes Deepset Almond in green
(wearing A Collar A Line Cotton Purple Lavender)

Normal Guy :
Skin Neutral 03
Hair Manbun in Chestnut Brown,
Nose : Round Wide
Eyebrows : Round medium in deep brown ,
Face shape :Diamond definded
Eyes : Male generic in Hazel Dark ,
Lips : Medium heart in rose light nude matte
(wearing normal clothes )
Skin : copper 02
Hair Short Wavy Ombre in Blonde Medium
Eyes : Deepset Almond in Hazel
Face shape : Diamond Long ,
Nose ; Grecian Soft
,Eyebrows Round Medium in dark brown
,Lips Small Heart in Pink warm gloss
(wearing normal clothes )
Character poses :
MC : idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop
Love interest :flirt_wink_atcamera_pose,
Normal guy :idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop ,
BFF :flirt_coy
The B: idle_argument_angry_loop
The choice is Yours (something not colorful)

AND THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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Do you want all 5 characters on the small cover too or just the love interest and MC?? and have the 5 on the large? Just wondering :slightly_smiling_face:

For the male character for the hair color you want same as eyebrows?

Sorry to bother you but if you know when will it be done?

I’m working on it right now. So today

and the color of the eyes etc for the male.