Limelight covert Art help 🙏

Need a Cover Art for my story. It’s a limelight story. I won’t discontinue the story and i will give all credits.
Please help :pray:

I can help if you want it edited

I don’t want an edit. I want a cover coz i don’t have one. It’s my first story on the App

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She meant that she wants to make you an edited cover :blush:


Oh sorry i didn’t understand that. It’s new to me
@RowenJ please help me. I could use your help

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Thank you :pray:

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You’re welcome! :blush:

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So if you come to my shop you can use the form and I can make one for you on there as it is easier

Your shop? How do i get there?

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Okay let me fill the form and send to you

This isn’t mine, this is the shop of @RowenJ.

I will send my form to her. Thanks for the heads up

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Hello, sorry it took time for me to get back to you.
I have a few questions about your form.
I did not understand some of your requirements.
Theme and theme colour: What exactly do you need?
Character details: You mean features? Like how they look in my story? And should i describe their clothes too?

The theme is what genre your story is and the colour tones
Eg. Horror: Dark, haunted, red,
Love: Red, white, flowers, hearts

And the character details are the hair colour, skin tone… I also need the clothes they are wearing and the pose you want them to be in eg. flirt_wink_happy…