Limelight directing

It’s been a while sine i’ve written anything but, i’m trying out limelight and i have no idea how to direct. i knew how to in ink but i don’t even understand how to make them animate now :joy: Anyone got some basic tips or idk :woman_shrugging:t4:


I got a little tip. When you code, have the tab where u code in open and the animation tab open as well

The code is pretty similar to the Ink one.

The code is the same. Only difference is some of the animation names

For character movement with no dialogue:
@CHARACTER is movement_name

For character movement with dialogue:

CHARACTER (movement_name)
Dialogue here.

lol thank you guys, but i knew all this, i meant like spot directing and the overlays, but i realize that’s just the update. got it all figured out :joy:

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