Limelight Edit for my new story "Spring"

Hi to anyone reading this :slight_smile: I’m currently in the midst of writing a new story. The base plot is that the main character Yuki is a violinist that has practiced for years and she now decides to compete in a competition to make her father, who was once a famous violinist, proud. She plans on making it to the finals and performing her favourite piece that her father wrote when she was only little. However, she meets a former violinist who quit playing 3 years ago after a tragic accident which only he survived.
If anyone is willing to help me with this I need a large cover, a small cover and various different background in which the main character (Yuki) is performing

I can help :slight_smile: can you send me the details?

I can help too. Send me the details :grin:

thx so much :grin: If you don’t mind it would be great if i split up the stuff between u too since I might need some more in future (maybe idk there’s different stages of the competition for example: rookie, experienced, quarter-finals, semi-finals and then finals) as she’s going to be wearing different outfits
Here are the details for the small and large cover (They’re the same details btw) :
Female Character (Yuki)
Skin Tone: Copper 03
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Blonde Medium)
Hair: Long Feathered Bangs Blunt (Blonde Medium)
Eyes: Angular Slender (Blue Green)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Gloss)
I’d like the background to be:
(if possible could you change the flooring to be wooden preferably a light tone of wood)
The outfit she’s wearing is:

The violin can be any colour you want but please stick to neutral colours

I am soo grateful thank you! xx

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Yep sure, do you mind if you do the the performance edits like when a violinist goes out on stage and has a violin on her shoulder ready to perform

Oh and I forgot to say the text on both needs to be “Spring” (put at the top of the cover and at the bottom of it in slightly smaller text to say “A romance/music story hoping to lighten your bad day”

Of course I’ll get on to it soon :grin:

Thx xx :hearts::hearts::hearts:

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Would you prefer her standing or sitting

Standing please xx

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Yep no problem :slight_smile: Sorry I had to go to sleep last night :sweat_smile:

I’ll be the large cover then :slight_smile:

For this should she be smiling a little bit, or smiling widely, or looking nervous or something?

Is this ok?
Sorry if it’s a bit blurry…

smiling please (she’s quite a confident charatcer :grin:

It looks fabulous thank you so much!

it’s fine us girls need our beauty sleep :sleeping::sleeping::joy::joy: