Limelight Edit of My Character Details



If not in the right place please move!

I really would love a character edit of my Limelight Character details. I would appreciate anyone who would willing to do this for me. I am not an artistic person, or I would do one myself.

Thank you!


Epi.sunset could! Some other members are working on something at the moment, but I could help you :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply! I would greatly appreciate if you would do it, if you have time of course! :blush: I’ll get my character clothed, posed and everything for you. So you don’t have to bother with that.


Alright! When will you have it ready? :slight_smile:


Currently spotting my character and getting the position right. after that just have to screen a pic from my phone! :blush:


Awesome :slight_smile:


Here you go. Thanks again! I really appreciate it! :blush:


Np! It’ll be done in a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks! Super excited to see it! :blush:


Can I do it just for fun and practice? You don’t have to use it for any thing or do anything with mine.:slight_smile: I just have not tried LL let :slight_smile:


Happy to hear that :slight_smile:


Yes for sure! I don’t mind! Practice away! :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:


But if you prefer I can always change up my character a bit. ? :thinking:


If you want to you can :slight_smile:


Ok, is it okay if I take a few change up the outfit and background?


Yes that is fine.


Here is the pfp I made you :slight_smile:



Lol I was bored so I did it too



Here you go sorry it took so long! I couldn’t find the right background! :blush: