Limelight Edit of My Character Details


Wdyt? Did you like it ? :slight_smile:


Yay :slight_smile: I’m a little slow when it comes to doing INK and I have never done LL so may tack me a bit but thank you for letting me practice with her. I’ll show you when I’m done.:heart:


I really loved the addition of the stars. It looks like a cute head band! Thank you! :heart:


Np :slight_smile: do you think you are gonna use this?


Yes. Thank you again. :blush:


No problem… :blush: You can use my Limelight details to practice anytime haha.


Hi can I try as well
Can you send me the character in the pose you want in close up


Yes for sure! Let me prep my character real quick! :blush:


Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.


I got her all drawn out so I still have to color the one I drawn out but I edited this one for fun! I high lighted her hair and put eye and lip make-up one and painted her nails and but a bracelet on her and changed her boots up a little. :slight_smile:


Wow! Thanks love it! :blush: Thanks again!


Excited to see the actual edit!


I’m hoping it comes out half as good lol


I’m sure it will! Just take all the time you need! Perfection can’t be rushed! :blush: