Limelight Episode Cover


Hey, is anyone available to create a cover for my story I’m working on which is in limelight?
I really need help and I will give credit in my story.


I can help if you’d like me to! The link to my thread is below. (I know most of my art is in ink but I can do Limelight)


i do ll covers. if you want. i can help. just pm me your harater details and it will be done.


Hey thank you for considering of helping me. Currently its kind of late where I live so if you could let me know your time zone I’ll hit you up whenever its suitable for you to reply.


you can reply me any time you want. and when i am free i will check it and make it for you. its 6:20 pm now. time zone is IST.


Sure. You seem like a very trustworthy person so there be no problem


you can trust me. just pm me here or message me on insta @shona_episode. when ever you are up. and send me the details. i would be happy to help.


Sure xo


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