LIMELIGHT Face Features

I was thinking that there are MANY people who have facial features!! Like freckles, birthmarks, facial hair, and more. So, WHY doesn’t episode have these features?! Maybe they haven’t thought about it yet, SO let’s help them out!! Here is EVERYTHING that Episode Admins should add…

  • Freckles!! I mean come on…It would be awesome if we could pick how many freckles you want and where they are!!

  • Facial Hair…I don’t know about you, but when I’m creating grandparents it’d be great if I could add facial hair to them…Like you could chose stubble or a long beard, and the color too!!

  • Birthmarks!! Everyone has a birthmark, or six…So if you could add a birthmark on ANY part of the body and size it, lighten or darken it, and make it a cool shape!!


You can check out this thread on freckles:

This on facial hair:


Episode is already working on that. You can see their post here New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech