Limelight Fae & Fantasy Set

I LOVE this update :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That has to do with how some of the items are categorized, like jeans vs leggings. Unfortunately, some jeans aren’t meant to be used with some long boots. :sweat:

I understand, it’s just one of those things!

Anyway, if you ever need someone to find the little mistakes… you know who to ask, I’d be happy to be the annoying critic :rofl:

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Can this hood be made to go over males heads and hairs?


The hood doesn’t full cover the front a female character’s head either.

The cape goes on top of a character’s neck too.

Also, the dragonfly faerie wings don’t appear when a character is in the rear position on the outfit creator screen.


I noticed that for the super hero capes and long hair as well.

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Looking good! :smiley: I’m so happy for the fantasy clothes, and a long dress for the gal characters.

Anybody else think that the male Stand Collar Shawl Frilled Sleeves Silk Navy Blue would super good in red? :thinking:

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Ooh these are so nice! But are there gonna be anymore updates for Ink? Cause even though I adore limelight, My favorite style will be Ink, forever and ever.


I think I’m going to cry, this is so amazing :scream:

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Thanks!! I passed it along :heart:

This is amazing!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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For the thing where it doesn’t go over the hair, can’t you make them have short hair when they’re wearing it? (If and until they’ll fix that problem)

If you don’t know the code:

@CHARACTER changes hair into * hair’s name *

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Thanks for the tip. I probably will do that.

It would be great if we could have these in Ink too. Limelight features don’t suit historical or fantasy stories very well.


YES! Thanks

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The hood covers the back of the head now. I’d say just give them some time.

What are you talking about

It got updated last year, but I’m sure some good stuff is in the works for INK

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Yeah but the variety is way different, for my episode I’m writing right now I’m using clothing kind of like this^ so I use the genie outfits. Alot of people prefer INK over limelight and I feel as if there should be an equal amount of variety for clothing in INK and limelight

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I’m sure it will come soon, but no one but the Episode Team can stay for sure.