Limelight Fae & Fantasy Set


That’s true


These are wonderful!
When are you going to add more sneakers for Limelight, though? :kissing:


We’re working hard on many sets. :heart: You’ll know when we know!


How bout some Dmitri love?


Wow, this update is so incredible! I honestly didn’t think we would get fantasy stuff! Also, the new forums are looking great, this is my first time here since the changeover.
I hope now this will give me the push I need not to give up and keep creating. Thanks Episode. This is honestly amazing and a dream come true.


Yes. I hope that we get some more fantasy clothes too. I would love to write a fantasy story in limelight. These are very pretty, but I wish there were more outfits or that they were in different colors.


I saw this in the outfits and I got so excited!!! Thank you for updating.


Yeah, thanks so much for updating! But could we use have a leafy skirt like the girl’s as an option for the male? I think it makes a little more sense, at least for my story.



Wow, I love this new update! Since I’m more of an ink lover, hopefully ink will have some similar cool new features, too.


@Trinady, Wah God bless us again with the new updates!! I was so happy and excited at the same time when I’m open Episode and saw the updates I was liked “Whoaa, Episode teams are growing now!” Hahahah, hope you guys will keeps thinking creative and designs more clothes & update for Limelight & Ink too :ok_hand:

I’d hope you guys will created a wedding gown and tuxedo for Limelight toooo!!! I was so into it and please keep up this creative!!


The wings now show up when the characters turn around but the hair covers the wings


This sound really exciting! I cant wait to see what else is to come!!:hugs::hugs:


excuse me! hi! hello!

i was just wondering, um, is the hair supposed to cover the new dragonfly wings, or no?


I don’t think so… :sweat_smile:


I was wondering, is anyone else missing “Lace Up Middle Seam Boots Suede Brown Sable” boots for men in the catalog? I can’t seem to find them and I need them for an outfit :slight_smile:


Hello. I tried changing them to short hairs (male and female) but it still won’t go over. Even balds won’t work. I hope they fix it.


i notice :joy:

i was about to post


THANK YOU YAY it’s a complete sentence episode let me post it


How can I see the outfits?? Sorry, I’m new here and I’m starting to write…


Why can’t we get updates like this again? :frowning_face: