Limelight Fae & Fantasy Set


Thank you!! :smiley:

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I’m going to bring attention back to this post after the recent clothing update.

Some of the fantasy clothing glitches have not been fixed IE the hood cutting through character’s hair both M and F and the wings are offset when characters have their backs turned


Why don’t you add gloves?


This doesn’t work with anything


I noticed that LimeLight clothing is frequently getting updated, however I couldn’t help but notice that the only option for fantasy/steampunk (IE robes, staffs, skirts, long dresses, bell sleeves, etc.) clothing and prop objects is quite lacking. Not only that but the only other skin colors are greens and blues, what about reds and purples and the other colors of the rainbow. There’s so much potential, yet there’s so little. When would there be more options and style choices?


Hi dabi! Welcome to the community :slight_smile: It says that this is one of your first times posting so I just wanted to give that little greeting to you.

I completely agree, too! It seems the LL isn’t very interested in the fantasy side which is a darn right shame. It’s a little offputting to see modern clothes in earlier time periods. Hopefully we’ll have our chance to shine!


agree. Welcome to the forums!