LIMELIGHT fall animation HELP

Hi giuys i am doing a scene where a character gets shoot and ive used the fall animation but then he gets up when he speaks do you know how i can keep the character down ??

Maybe try using faint animation :hugs:

You have to say in your coding:
and character does it while (animation here)

Or for speech bubbles:
Character (animation)
Text here

If you don’t have the animation while they’re speaking they will automatically stand up idle ect…

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used that but then when he speaks he gets back up x

Ahh, are you using talking animation?

&CHARACTER starts fall_animation_name and pause for 1 then CHARACTER starts idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop
^or any other idle_lay_ animation

for dialogue:
CHARACTER (talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop)
dialogue goes here
&CHARACTER starts idle_lay_animation_name

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Finally figured it out :slight_smile: noticed i had done something in the script :slight_smile: