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Hi! Let’s all the limelight story fans share our favourites in LIMELIGHT… thanks


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my current reading list:
• the enchantment thief by star writes
• clue: un-dead by allison marie
• the wall by j. miley
• clue: the traveller by abby taylor
• the bunny boiler by jasmin dee
• clue: imperceptible by vixen j. addams
• clue: lucky 13 by cosmos
• clue: save the princess by ale
• clue: on the run by cher
• clue: who killed samantha bonny? by c.v.erica
• love, unexpectedly by elodie✨
• rising star by cher
• umbralis by livia the brad✨
• bad reputation by naemi
• legends of lutriva by cosmos
• outcast by loren
• the bridesmaid by kimber valmont
• cop a feel by emilyh
• adventurous: neptune’s box by pl
• adventurous: rpg by himeji
• adventurous: seven seas by lyra keiken
• invincible by priscilla arina
• runaway by christina
• living a dream by mistique
• mc: without eloquence by kimber valmont
• villainous heroes by lyra keiken

Thank you…

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My favorites are:
(1)Craving for you by Shanen Ricci
(2) Provocative by salmaistyping
(3)I will always love you by Nathalie
(4) Fostering Jordyn by episode writer jade
(5) Always by earlgreytea
(6)I married a millionaire by earlgreytea
(7)Hacking love by lillyS.
(8)My first everything
(9) Friends or lovers by Sandra g.
(10) Friends or lovers season 2 by sandra g.
(11) Troubled
(12)My secret attraction by Ashley
(13)The tutor by Jasmin Dee
(14)Strange chemistry
(15) Stealing star boyfriend
(16)Why me? by Sophie alice
(17)The boss and I
(18)Dear diary by Hannah V.
(19)Strictly business
(20)Until there was you
(21)Dirty headlines by ella and heather
(22)Off limits by Sandra G
(23) Friends with benefits
(24)Her innocence by arrows
(25)Broken rules by Millie_s
(26)A little more me by episode official
(27)My alien lover by Anyanka
(28) Reputation by Mira Mira
(29)The baby project by episode official
(30)It starts with a bra by episode official
(31)Game not over by Edera
(32)Fading away by Patrick B.
(33)The truth by frankii cash
(34)Hot shot by Sammer B.
(35)Come close to me by Edera
(36)Her books,his millions by J.J
(37)My neighbour bad boy by Pandagirl

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