Limelight female with clenched fists


I just noticed that the female characters don’t seem to have relaxed hands for a lot of their animations. Is this a new update? When they walk their fists are clenched, when they cough its a clenched fist. Why is this? It doesn’t seem very natural to cough into your fist.
Has anyone else noticed this?


yesss. its really weird, I’m, writing a story but the women with the clenched fist just…


It must be a glitch because I only noticed it yesterday, I think they were more relaxed before


Agreed. I’m hoping it’s only temporary. It was on my mobile and writer portal :woman_shrugging:


I got it too. I hope they fix it soon. :sweat:


Yup, definitely a glitch, and a particularly annoying one, at that.


Really? Oh thank goodness. How can you tell it’s a glitch?


Because, as noted above, the hands were moving properly earlier this week.


I noticed it too.

I hope it gets fixed.


Yes, I saw this, and I thought I was crazy.

I really dislike it.