Limelight Formal Attire!


Hey Episodians,

This week we’re bringing you some formal attire to help prep for the coming wedding season. We’re also going to be releasing some clothes to go with last week’s kurta top. Here’s a full list of items we’ll be releasing:

Wedding Lace Polyester White Ivory
Wedding Lace Polyester Red Plum Rose
Wedding Lace Polyester Blue Raven
Wedding Lace Polyester Pink Peach
Wedding Lace Polyester Grey Black
Back Cover Headwrap Cotton Cheetah
Back Cover Headwrap Cotton Tribal
Back Cover Headwrap Cotton Orange
Back Cover Headwrap Cotton Purple
Back Cover Headwrap Cotton Green

Casual Kurta Shirt Bottom Piece Tweed Blue Navy
Casual Kurta Shirt Bottom Piece Tweed Red Cherry
Casual Kurta Shirt Bottom Piece Tweed Blue Teal
Casual Kurta Shirt Bottom Piece Tweed Grey Black
Khussa Shoes Embroidered Leather Red Cherry
Khussa Shoes Embroidered Leather Sunny Gold
Khussa Shoes Embroidered Leather Grey White
Khussa Shoes Embroidered Leather Grey Black

As always, if you experience any issues please let us know!
The Episode Team

CLOTHING: LL dresses - wedding and formal
There's no wedding dresses on episode
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They’re so pretty! I can’t wait to see them in everybodie’s stories😭


Yay! Thanks guys :smiley:




I am so in love with these!


YAAAAS, thank you episodeteam!!
One question, can you make that we can wear ink clothes on limelight?(ll for ink as well)
Hope u understand me, my english is bad!!
thank ya, Nelli


Hey there Episode Team :sunglasses:

Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous and elegant dresses and other stuff for Episodians.

Nothing but, I have one question I want to asking. I did review all the clothes that you guys uploaded but, I couldn’t find one of the wedding dress on the catalog. It is, Wedding Lace Polyester Pink Peach.

I’m just asking because I’ve already review all the clothes and I couldn’t find it :confused:

Thank you :heartbeat:


Amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Use the “recently updated” filter :kissing_heart:


Thank you so much Eden :kissing_heart: but it still doesn’t show out at the catalog hm :sweat:

How about you? Did you get to view all of the clothes?


I love these so much!! Thank you!!


I also couldn’t find the pink one, even when searching for the name.


Oh really? I thought that it just me the one realize it though :joy:

Maybe Episode team have some issues or technical problem with it hm :sweat_smile:


Yes, Yes, Yes!! Thank you so much!! They look awesome!


You search “Lace” in the search box. That is how I find stuff. Key words that are most likely to stand out. :blush:


Oh! Okay, thanks babe! Will do :kissing_heart:

Thank you :heartbeat:


Oh! As far as the pink peach color gown, I don’t believe that one is visible, yet. They might fix that issue later.


Yeah. I’d think so too.

Maybe there’s some issues :sweat_smile:

Thank you by the way :heartbeat:


oh jesus they look so pretty
you did well! thank you :sparkling_heart: