[Limelight] Freckles, Clothes, & Hair, Oh My!


lol it’s so ironic that your comment got hidden


Isn’t it :woman_facepalming:t4:


Wow, I can’t believe it got hidden. :confused:




Excuse me episode you HAVE to release those lips and that hairstyle! NOW


Omg yessss! Make this happen episode!!!


Fr. I need em


Me too!!! I’m dying I WANT!


Exactly! People are abusing the flag system. It’s outrageous.


I love the new additions but I’m highkey waiting on the male tattoos to be added! :joy::bangbang:


You are going off-topic

Jeremy is not doing anything except following the rules :wink:


That hairstyle is really cute!


I hope they add more vintage clothing/hairstyles! The ‘victory rolls’ hairstyle is super cute.


I love everything! But I have one problem, I can’t find the freckles! Could somebody please help?


They are in the clothing section :blush:


Oh my, thank you! I was so confused! I thought they would be in the face section so I spent 20 minutes trying to figure everything out.


Tysm Episode, for updating us reguarly to make sure we enjoy the app. I LOVE limelight so much, and I felt Ink had began to get outdated, and right when I was about to stop writing cause I didn’t enjoy ink anymore you managed to come out with this blessed style, and you pulled me RIGHT back in. You guys seriously are so talented, and you guys never fail to surprise me, you guys just make the app better and better every single fripping day so thanks sooo much for that. :slight_smile:


i dont see how its off topic though


Next, moles, new lips shapes and remaining hairstyles. Please give us Jada’s hair. :tired_face:



Oop y’all I think we finna get a BUNCH of new hair styles this thursday