[Limelight] Freckles, Clothes, & Hair, Oh My!


I guess we have to stay on topic unless they’ll keep flagging us :roll_eyes:. What have you done so far with the new features?


Well Episode…

You have convinced me to write in Limelight.

Congrats. :clap:


:laughing: I see a lot of people are liking LL now.


Yup still Ink for life tho but I’m turning into a limelight monster.


There are threads where you can comment about ink stuff.

This one just isn’t it :wink:


Episode has managed to turn me to the Dark Side. (Limelight)


Hotel? Trivago


i still live ink sooo


Me? Shook.
Ink? Cancelled.


:heart_eyes: what skin tone did you use for her?


They just released new sneakers for Girls and Sandals for boys :thinking:


Copper 07. :open_mouth:


Thanks :blush:




Yey!!! Thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you’re gonna talk about your love on INK on an update thread for Limelight, please don’t do it here. You should at least be grateful for what Episode is trying to give us because they can’t give you exactly what you want.

Although, this is just my opinion.


Thanks you sis. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Well put.

I for one absolutely LOVE all the new updates and I can’t believe the size of the LL wardrobe now! I remember when it was a crusty and dusty, musty little closet, and now it’s a department store! ALSO OMG the character tech now is AH. MAZE. ING.


sister snapped :kissing_heart::kiss:


Ink tried to stop limelights bags, sisters