[Limelight] Freckles, Clothes, & Hair, Oh My!


I dont even know how to react anymore. Thank you sooooo muuuucchh! :sob::sob:


It’s da true tea sis


Omg! The new sneakers are so cute. Thank you guys!


I wish INK had freckles or was going to get them sometime. but glad the feature is in LL


Image result for extremely happy gif


You are right Ink should have them too


They gave us sneakers !!!


Can we have male Small bun hair for Girls? That would be perfect for my ballerinas thank you @Jesse


Holy shit!

I knew the new LL hair style reminded me of someone… :thinking:



OMG I can finally create a 50s glamour girl :heart_eyes:
Tysm episode for releasing all this new stuff :weary::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::sparkling_heart::two_hearts:


Umm… does anyone know why it says “you can’t put images in a post”?


Most likely because you made your account very recently

Also, a non off topic thing:
I finally have a perfect hair for my 80’s timed story






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An announcement thread got closed. Girl I-




I expect everything from this community now. I wont be surprised skskskkssk


What do you mean?