LimeLight glitch


I was working on a story using LL and I noticed that my characters hands were in fists during all of the animations. Has anyone else noticed this?


I have! I was wondering about it. I was like, “it makes my characters look like they’re ready to punch each other all the time.”


Hey there @Caticorn and @Kittenlove, if you’re worried there might be a bug, feel free to submit a help ticket and tell the support team. :wink:




Thank you


I’ve noticed it, as well.


I had this issue too. I created a cover using the idle_terrified pose but the top hand is in a fist and looks really weird. :weary:
So I’ll need to redo it but it already took me ages doing it the first time (I knew something was off but couldn’t figure out what until I finished it lol).
Edit: it was for react_terrified_pose and the animation is still glitching :frowning: