[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever




I want updates so I can finish my story…


I hope we get some new music next update


They said it would most likely come out next year. They’re talking about body types already.


Yesss :weary:


oh my god.



I’m already hype.


Does anyone know what time and time zone the Thursday updates come out in?


I usually check after five and its up


I just got way too excited :joy::joy::joy::joy::heart_eyes:


I live in central US, right now it’s 9:18

Updates are usually out between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm my time.


I hope they post the monolid eyes. :relaxed:


Same here!
I’ve been wishing for those forever.
I bet they are releasing facial features.
The released tattoos first, then beard and face shapes, then hair, and now it makes sense for it to be the new face features.


You think they’ll include the new noses and lips as well? :thinking: I’m especially waiting for the one with braces


I hope so. I’ve been craving the new mouth shapes and men features :heart_eyes:


In England it’s around 08:00pm-09:00pm


What if the new update is clothes? I really want the new face shapes :persevere:


Same and the facial features. And if it is clothes, I hope they’re cute and hoop earrings or something that is useful for me.


They better be releasing those freckles, moles and scars :triumph:


I just want the rest of the hairstyles :sob::sob::sob::sob: