[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever


That’s not what I said, (or rather what I meant to say), though I’m sorry if it was offensive somehow. I was curious because I’ve seen Black Koreans before, like Natasha Reid (Yoon Mirae), and most look… they do not look Korean. Amerie, for example. She looks African American.



You mean her?

I can still see some korean features :slight_smile:

Here’s the thing,
They don’t judge. At times a child can look more like one parent than the other. Or they can be an even mixture. It’s random at most. So when you make a “black Korean” you can decide on what’s best. I would add a little of both? Or maybe give her korean face features with African pigments and natural hair? Or the other way around!

With biracial people it’s varying. Depends on their genes and what they receive from their parents.


Oh. Is that Natasha or Amerie? In the picture.


what does pp mean/stand for?


It means Positively Princess


oh, thx


sadly, silhouette black does not work, especially with wavy long.


Has anyone else noticed how glitchy the silhouette black stuff is? I just tried using them in a scene, and my speech bubbles wouldn’t show up :sob:

Kinda sucks because it was literally the perfect opportunity to use them. Oh well.


I’m going to have to check that out too. I made three characters with the silhouette black customizations.


Hey guys. I just wanted to alert you that the color silhouette black doesn’t work for most hair styles. Instead of being black, the color is blonde.

If you are aware of this already, I apologize.


i am gonna use it for my charatere who is the reaper.


The worst time to be sick :sneezing_face:


I am loving the new features for limelight. I am very excited for the freckles and new lip shapes (especially the one that includes braces). If those will be included in future updates I mean.


It usually just sticks to whatever colour you used on the hair last. It’s stupid!


Cant wait for tomorrow


SAME :smile:


What’s tomorrow? :thinking:


The update for the hair styles


MEH :laughing: :raised_hands:t4:


Yuuuup me too!