[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever


COME ON SON!!! :rage: Starts taking off shirt angry COME ON SON!!! :angry:


Certainly disappointing for a somewhat long wait, but hopefully next week there will be better stuff.


Tbh most of the exciting stuff is gone we only have lips left soooo

Prepare for dry updates :skull:


I’m pretty sure there’s still more hairstyles, which I get very excited about


I doubt they will release all of them, maybe one more batch (probably 3 hair for both male and female)


I think it might be more than 3 for female… there’s like 4 left from the CC in Love Life. And if I remember correctly, they didn’t even include tied up hairstyles for the CC in Love Life, so I suspect there could be some more tied-up styles we’re getting




why did the update come out


I’m pretty sure one of the the next updates will be better that’s why they might’ve not updated last week cause they needed more time to make sure it worked


I don’t want to sound bratty, or immature. But I was actually excited to see what they were going to come out with, considering they didn’t have an update last week.
I know I’m no ‘entitled’ to anything. But I can’t say I’m not disappointed.
I just wish there had been more.
(Everything they posted was great, and I’m not saying it isn’t)




Someone should make a topic so we can discuss the new update (since they closed it)


What for? They will close that too.


true :confused::roll_eyes:


Hoe where is my update?


I did make a post talking about before the update. If you want to say anything feel free to put your opinion on there


Could you link here?