[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever


honestly this hair looks exactly like mine under school lights


It would be awesome if Episode also release Isabelle’s hairstyle in Love Life.


But thank you for releasing these hairstyles! :):grin:


Omg I love these so much.

Also people

Give Episode some time lmao. They are probably working on more hairstyles!



I may change up my LL characters hair

@ChayChay @EpisodeWriter202 @Chloe_LeAnn_Wilfawn we have to start maybe changing some characters


I will get on there and look. I was thinking about maybe adding a beard or something to one of the guys… lol I will have to look a thing the new stuff. Maybe a tattoo to Brooklyn?


Is it just me or have the eyes gotten worse when the skin gets too tanned or dark?

Edit: Adding image


Can’t see the image


the browsers choose what to save it should be there now


I’ve noticed that too


Woah, that’s… Umm… Very unnatural


I think that’s a glitch? I haven’t had that issue. Does it look like that in your story when you view it on the app?

She’s a little lighter around the eye, but it looks like a highlight and not like what you have.


I don’t have a story with it that was just my test account i use to do covers but it seems to appear this way no matter what browser i use


I’ve actually noticed this when reading stories but its not AS bad as in the photo so i know what she’s talking about


OH I love them.


But where are the freckles!?!! Are they coming out in another update?


They update in batches weekly


Thank you! I NEED those freckles for a character!!!


I agree we need these to implemented


Nah just message me on the forums