[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever


When will the freckles be out?


might have something to do with the browser you’re in. I get this issue when I use Firefox but in Chrome it looks perfectly fine.


it’s so pretty but when are you going to release the other female hairstyles i saw out there along with the Sia Hair and buns


Are you updating the templates?


This is gonna be like tea, cold tea sis.


It’s from Love Life, but it’s not available to have.


Love Life and Positively Princess have awesome new features, in character creation and clothing to backgrounds and overlays alike. I can’t wait til those features are released to the public, they could really enhance a story!


PP is garbage. The character style differences are so bad. It’s like Sony VS Dreamworks.
“Oh, the uncanny valley!”


LOL! The love interests are out of place, I agree, but the best friend and the knight / butler are kinda nice! And the backgrounds and outfits are very beautiful. Just the three love interests that aren’t as good


That’s what I mean.


Honestly that’s a problem for me. When the MC stands next to the like four characters with special features it looks dumb


They’re looking very good!!!


Related image


All of these these updates are super awesome :sunglasses::cherry_blossom:

P.S I love how there’s long hair for guys, long hair rocks :smile::black_heart:

Thank you so much :facepunch::sparkling_heart:


Has anyone noticed any not announced new updates?


It’s “Love Life” I guess☺


Is this will be hairstyle update too?


This makes me sooooo happy. :sob::sob:Now i’m even more motivated to create a new story (or maybe finish some of the stories I haven’t completed).


When will you release them for the profile avatar? :grin:


I was wondering the same thing. :thinking: