[Limelight] Hair Today, Hair Forever


Yeah me too


I’m living for these hairstyles. I can now use them on my androgynous male characters!


This is great! Thank you! I’m wondering if it’s possible to not have clothing specifically for silhouette characters? I have a character who is supposed to just be a shadow and this makes my life a lot easier, but it doesn’t really work while they have clothes on.


Black clothes would work.


I’ve tried… you can still see them, haha!


Just a suggestion but have you tried Censor Bars?

It might be what you’re looking for ^^
…or maybe not :sweat_smile:


Oh. A black dress? (Female or male?)


Hahaha It’s a scary character known simply as The Darkness… It’s a great suggestion but I’m not sure it would work. Thanks though!

@loveyourself Male! :grimacing:


Or maybe some silhouette clothes to go with…


SO PUMPED FOR THIS!!! Been waiting for these braids FOREVER!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


huhhhhhhhh I will have to write just cuz of the better men hairstyles and oh god those amazing braids!


Oh… Yikes. Have you tried the hair?


Silhouette black is used for making a silhouette of a character. Probably so you can’t tell who they are and can use it as a mystery element.


Tomorrow is Thursday my fellows



Wonder what’s gonna be the new update


new body types PLEASSSSSSSSE



Yesssss. Please. Please. Please do cool hairstyles and clothes :pray:


I wish but most likely it won’t since they said it’ll take a while to make different body types.


Although, it would have been perfect for my characters. :sweat: :sleepy::sleepy:


Yes, same.