[Limelight] Hairstyles, Lip Colors and More!


Hey Episodians,

We are very excited to release the long awaited hairstyles from Instant Princess (with a few new ones too) and 11 new lip colors (with matte and gloss variations) for darker skinned characters. We’ve also got a couple more headwraps. We are currently in the process of releasing these items and will update again when they are all out.

Here is the full list:

Limelight Female Hairstyles
Voluminous Curls
Braids Updo
Dreads Braided
Bantu Knots
Long Voluminous Curls Loose

Limelight Male Haristyles
Short Side Part Curly Hair
Mohawk Dreads Short
Dreads Loose Top Short
Curly Loose Afro Hair

Limelight Lip Colors
Red Garnet Matte
Red Garnet Gloss
Dark Mauve Matte
Dark Mauve Gloss
Dark Amethyst Matte
Dark Amethyst Gloss
Blackberry Matte
Blackberry Gloss
Pink Cashmere Matte
Pink Cashmere Gloss
Blood Orange Matte
Blood Orange Gloss
Dark Apricot Matte
Dark Apricot Gloss
Royal Blue Matte
Royal Blue Gloss
Gold Deep Matte
Gold Deep Gloss
Ash Deep Matte
Ash Deep Gloss
Copper Deep Matte
Copper Deep Gloss

Limelight Female Clothing
Front Cover Headwrap Cotton Purple
Front Cover Headwrap Cotton Stripes
Full Turban Headwrap Cotton Brown
Full Turban Headwrap Cotton Purple Zebra

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items.

With love,

The Episode Team

UPDATE: all the new items should be in the Portal now

I don't know were to ask it but appereantly there are new hairstyles and stuff but i dont know where to find them
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Are there any new clothing items coming out anytime soon for LL?

Its finally here! I am so excited to finally have these hairs and lip colors.


Yay, New hairstyles!!!


awesomeness! Thanks Episode Team!


the new hairstyles are beautiful :blush:



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I am! I’m hella happy. :smile::smile:


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