[Limelight] Hairstyles, Lip Colors and More!


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No! Immediately I thought of that. :joy: My friend and I were joking that it was his hair.




What’s the name of it?


My story that I’m working on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. Won’t be until December. Keep hitting writers block. And then trying to find time to work on it. Wanna get as many episodes done by then lol. :woman_facepalming::unamused::grimacing:


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I would!


Are the new lip colors and hair colors in the templates? Does someone have a lip/hair customization template I can use in my story (with the updates). I’ll credit of course!


Awesome I’ll pm you the link tomorrow :smile:


@Dara.Amarie has one.




I wanna read it when it comes out!


Nevermind, I found it. Thanks!



finally “Voluminous Hair” can be mine


Like the Fishtail on Ink?


I mean if they can use the headwraps (that were supposed to be African headwear) then they can use that, right? I think it’s in bad taste (unless, your character is purposely offensive), but do you, boo.


no, something like this. @norfolkowl


At this point I really don’t care, people are going to be ignorant to this no matter what