[Limelight] Hairstyles, Lip Colors and More!


That was literally the worst hairstyle they ever made


How do you download of off a mobile device


Hairstyle? Which one?


Linda looks great :heart_eyes: (she’s Italian-Latina)




I’m keeping that hairstyle, she had the Long Parted Waves before.


Ugh–Those parted waves look like a bad wig.




I’m being honest, it does! :sob: And people stay using it on Latina characters. :roll_eyes: I have never seen that many wear that hair style irl even have a hairstyle like that and I live in an area with a lot of Hispanics/Latinas/Latinos.


To me the Short Ombré is looks like the wig that Okoye wore in Black Panther :smile:



OH my god finally


I low-key like it. But I agree.


I would be better if they added a little hair to the parted part because it just makes it look like they shaved it, and made the whole thing a little less big.


You mean the waves? Ah, yes. Their layering sucks. The parted area looks bad too. Like they split the hair itself right down the middle




What hairstyle even looks like that??


I don’t even know…


At least it looks good on Professor Snow…


I think I might end up over-using the Long Loose Voluminous Curls. Someone save me.


I think everyone is. :flushed: