[Limelight] Hairstyles, Lip Colors and More!


I think I only used it on three characters. :joy: Maybe more. Idk, just not a lot.


I love it, but there’s so many more hairstyles that look amazing.


I didn’t even know about the update until now!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::thinking:


the curly hair will get overused. this thread is already proof of that.

welll, ya heard it from me (and others) first :wink:


I get that it can go on anyone no matter what race but come on–Put it on people correctly atleast. Not everyone has that hair. :roll_eyes: Let’s be smart about this. Don’t start making it a generic, overused feature now. The only reason I used it on Dia is as an alternate for long Kinky/Course hair.

Example of What I meant



It’s somewhat ironic considering there’s kind of a stigma against curly hair in favor of straight or wavy in real life. I want to sing the praises of the hair I was teased for having growing up by putting it on an important LI character. I was going to have her customizable, but maybe I’ll lock in the long voluminous curls and have her comment on getting shit for them from peers, damaging her hair with attempts to straighten, etc. A dose of reality, at least from my experience as a naturally curly girl.

I’m hoping people are just overusing it in the thread because it feels like a novelty.


I would most likely put it on Hispanic/Latina characters. In my area, a lot of them do have that hair texture.


They mainly do it because it’s cute. People need to realize what is the correct way to put it on characters and I hope they start putting it on Latina characters now. Along with the shorter one.


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White people can definitely have naturally curly hair like the long voluminous one, so I wouldn’t say I’d begrudge anyone from using it for characters of any background. I just don’t want it to be stuck on everyone in a noticeably ubiquitous way. Or to replace the “wavy parted” (or whatever the wig one is called) hair as the new “sexy girl” hair.


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Exactly. cOUgH




They do that with the rest of the hair too. We need to realize people get bullied for that hair and it’s important to realize the beauty for it and importance of the hair texture. Not to replace it with another or because it’s a “trend” or “it’s just pretty, idc.”


Meet Ruby


Yeah, hair was never just hair for me. It’s an expression of identity, sure, but it’s also a large part of what influences how other people treat us, especially when it doesn’t conform easily to the beauty standards of our environments.

It’s not like every character has to give a “what my hair means to me” speech, but it is nice when fictional characters wear and care for their hair authentically. Whenever I used to see a “confession of love in the rain” scene in a movie, I’d kind of laugh because my voluminous, prone-to-frizzing hair would chase me right the heck out of that scenario.


Any water based activity = major shrinkage
Its not “just hair” i could go into it but…why bother


:dizzy_face: The shrinkage…


Yeah, that was more in response to the specific “it’s just hair” refrain in some earlier comments, but I don’t feel like getting flagged, so I’ll leave it at that.

I like the update. This is me being positive and on topic. Yay hair.


And the hair looks beautiful on you. :blush: