[Limelight] Hairstyles, Lip Colors and More!


People, please realize these lip colors as DIVINE! :flushed:


I really need a good CC story so i can try those blue lips


OMG! Yess, I love the blackberry and amethyst colors


The dark ones especially are the best. Garnet and Dark Mauve.


It’s so nice and goes so well with the dark skin.


U can always find other styles idk much about silky hair or u can color it(they have dyes and hair chalks and stuff)


Finally a dark lip tht doesnt make me look stupid
Still keeping the black gloss tho
Any good nude lips yet?




I know it must sound stupid and that I can’t force people to choose a different hairstyle but that’s really upset me that there’s so much white people putting the voluminous curl one on their white characters. I know everyone is free to do what it’s please but I still can’t help but find it a little offensive…
Lets be real that’s not this ordinary to find non black people with that density of hair and this curl texture … I’m a black mixed girl of 18 years old and I have this hairstyle, during all my childhood I have been called ugly and badly bullied because of my hair style. Even today I’ve still have a lot of remark about it when I don’t straighten them. And I think a lot of people who’re using it on their white character would have the same comment about my hair… So please be careful and stop over use it …


Yeah i find it offensive too…ik it cant be stopped but being bullied for tht aspect of me and now having ppl use it as a “cute hair” and say we are overreacting is hurtful/annoying




It’s nice to see it on them but they are doing it continuously and it’s getting tiring. Like, do it for some of them. Not all.


They will never understand what we’ve been through, so they won’t stop because they don’t see how hurtful it can be for us unfortunately


It’s the same as using hooded slender almond eyes on non asian characters…


Cant speak on tht specifically but can empathesize( just not spell x3) sucks v.v



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