[Limelight] Hands Update!

Hello Episodians!

Today we made a small update to our hand animations in the Writer Portal and on the app! These are purely cosmetic, and just make the hands on all Limelight characters look a little more natural. No animations, outfits, or props have been affected.

Take a look at some before and afters below:

With love,
The Episode Team



Cool! I always found the hands too be a little to cartoonish for realistic limelight.



Wow! Thank you SO much! <3

Love it! Thanks :smiley:

My life is complete :heart_eyes:

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Love this, thanks!!

Looks great!

Very subtle. Looks nice!

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Oh wow. Cool!

Yes! This always bugged me so much!

Episode is improving so much with Limelight. I feel like Limelight will be Episode’s main and best art style, because of how realistic it looks because of all these beautiful updates which it is receiving! Good Job Episode!


This is awesome! Thank you for a good update!

Cool little update. Hopefully you’ll make the guys’ feet a little bigger at some point? They look a little tiny


This nice! A surprise update? Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! Guess I have to redo my limb overlays now :upside_down_face:

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This is great!

Wonderful update, I’m loving it

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Great update. :blush:

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