Limelight Help!


Do you guys think I would benefit if I do my story in Limelight? I mean yes, it’s my choice too, but I wanted to hear another opinion on if I should do my story in Limelight. Also considering that I’ve been around for other styles, but see that Limelight is a better option and it’s’ my first story?


yea LL is getting more popular and its getting so many updates so i would go for it


You should do it. Most of my stories have been on Ink, but I recently got more into limelight and it’s actually great considering all the new clothing and updates coming! Go for it.


YES!!! Limelight is the best type of story! I’m also doing limelight for my first story! no offence to anyone, but to me- classic just looks a little weird


Meant Vs. Ink


I know I was just sharing my (stupid) :sweat_smile: thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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