Limelight Help!

Do you guys think I would benefit if I do my story in Limelight? I mean yes, it’s my choice too, but I wanted to hear another opinion on if I should do my story in Limelight. Also considering that I’ve been around for other styles, but see that Limelight is a better option and it’s’ my first story?

yea LL is getting more popular and its getting so many updates so i would go for it


You should do it. Most of my stories have been on Ink, but I recently got more into limelight and it’s actually great considering all the new clothing and updates coming! Go for it.

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YES!!! Limelight is the best type of story! I’m also doing limelight for my first story! no offence to anyone, but to me- classic just looks a little weird


Meant Vs. Ink

I know I was just sharing my (stupid) :sweat_smile: thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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