Limelight Horse Customization Code 🦄 💖

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Here is the link to the code:

Here are the material you will need (in images). You can create them from the portal.

The horse + 2 characters


ALL of the clothing and their EXACT names

  • Their names are also available on the document linked above, you can copy them from there. By the way, I tend to go all out when I code, like showing everything. Even though layering isn’t required 'cause it’s just the horse, I put it in anyway XD

How it looks:

#You can also change the horse’s name to yours. How to here :blob_sun: :carousel_horse:

RULES: Leave the credit in, thanks. If the template helps you and is to your liking, can follow me on my IG jem776x and feel free to tag me in screenshots, I’d LOVE to see your horse, it’d make my day haha (you can even tag on me on this thread) :unicorn: :blob_hearts: P.S sometimes there might be weird glitches. For example if your horse is invisible, exit the story on your app and then enter back in. :racehorse: :yay:

If you want to test it out for yourself, you can check it out in this un-published story:

Anyways, have a great day, love JemU776 <3 <3 <3

:yellow_heart: Date: It has all the features that are currently present as of August 11, 2020 :orange_heart: If you have any questions, can ask below as well :gift_heart: :gift:


This is awesome! Thanks for creating this! :heartpulse:




UPDATE: Just thought I’d let everyone know I modified the template slightly after looking at the horse’s mane when it changed color more closely lol so feel free to repost it again if you have it in a story although it’s minor changes :+1:

Date: August 12, 9: 47 am EST :kiss:

If you want to look at the updated mane hair with the colors, can view:

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Hey, I was just curious if you mind if I use your script template for my Horse Visual/Tappable CC. I will of course credit you I just wanted to ask. Also this is super amazing :heart:

Hi, yes, you can use it :blush: :heart:

Some of what it says above:

I already have credit built in :yay: And thanks :blob_sun:

@Miss_Infinity you were looking for where to find the thread, it is here :blob_hearts:

Wow just wow . Thank you very much for this amazing template!

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :sparkles: :heart: :sparkles:

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This is amazing, Jem! :heart_eyes::raised_hands:t3::dizzy:

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