Limelight: How do I make my to chars talk while dancing?

Hi guys, I currently have on my script two chars slow dancing. While there slow dancing they are engaging in conversation in which I put on my script the talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop action on one of my chars. The problem I’m having is that when she starts this action it cuts to it directly breaking the rhythm of the slow dancing. So one char is falling behind than the other. Also, when my char is done talking I would like for her to go back to the slow dancing action which I have successfully done. The only problem is yet the rhythm of them slow dancing is messed up. I know I’m being knit picky but I just wanted to come up here and ask if there is a smooth way to transition for talking while dancing to just dancing. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

this is what I do:

@CHAR1 is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND CHAR2 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
@pause for a beat
&CHAR2 starts dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear
CHAR1 (talk_dance_slow_neutral_loop)
@CHAR1 is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND CHAR2 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear

and if you want CHAR1 to talk again, just repeat the bold lines.

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So Is the script supposed to look like this?

sorry the first one is wrong. This is the picture I wanted to send you.

it looks fine to me. did it work?

It still looks a bit weird still not very smooth…I wish I could send you a video of how it looks like. :confused:

You can also do th same animation you are using right now but that will look weird though but is worth a try