Limelight Hugging Help

So there are a lot of tutorials on how to make characters hug and kiss when one character is standing in front of the other and you don’t want that to happen but most of them are for ink or classic. THIS IS FOR LIMELIGHT it won’t work for any other version I don’t think. So first direct your character to walk to a certain spot, then on the next line say the spot they should be in as well as the zone and layer, and then the action. That may sound confusing because I’m not very good at explaining things but here is an example:

@JACK walks to spot 1.332 206 -4

@JACK spot 1.332 206 -4 in zone 1 at layer 1

@JACK is hug_neutral_pose_rear AND CASSIE is hug_neutral_pose

If you have any questions I can do my best to answer them but idk how good I’ll be lol

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