Limelight Hugging?

How do you make two people hug in Limelight?


You can do something like this but you’ll have to spot them and layer them to

&CHAR starts hug_neutral
@CHAR starts hug_neutral_rear

write in your script:
@CHARACTER1 stands screen center AND CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is hug_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER2 stands screen left AND CHARACTER2 faces right AND CHARACTER2 is hug_neutral_loop

use the preview screen and click ‘directing helper’ then ‘spot helper’
use the spot helper to drag you characters to where it looks best, then replace ‘stands screen center’ with ‘spot x y z’

the person behind needs to be in layer 0 and the person in front needs to be in layer 1

Thank you so much!

Let me know if you come across any more problems

Alright thanks again :grinning:

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No problem!

Here’s my help thread for future

Okay! :slight_smile: