Limelight in the App?

hello everyone from episode!
i’m not entirely sure i put this in the correct category, let me know if i should change that.
i was wondering if there is any way to get limelight style within the app when creating stories. i’m super fond of it, but terrible at coding episode on my laptop. it’s pretty difficult for me so i was wondering if
a.) there is any way i can get limelight on the app when creating a story.
b.) the best way to learn the codes & make your story work correctly.
thank you for the help!
-emma starr


You can’t use LL (it’s a short for Limelight if you don’t know) in the mobile creation.

But you can read the guides and there are a lot of threads in the forums to help you learn how to code and direct in the script editor.

But I would recommend using Ink as a first story because it’s easier to use+ it has script templates that help to start. But you can try Limelight if you want.

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