Limelight INK Classic

Formal thoughts since I see these all the time, but have never responded:


My preference is INK, then Classic, then Limelight. I started reading/writing stories in 2015 so I do have a bit of a soft spot for classic. I was searching for new stories the other day and was so shocked when one I clicked on was in Classic I almost cried, ngl. The outfits are cute and the characters, while limited, do have a decent range of expression (shoutout to whoever said the Classic males look like pedophiles though because they doooooo :skull:). But after the great INK migration, I was sold. I started my first story in INK, fell in love, and swiftly abandoned the project for four years. INK has my favorite animations so far, very expressive with the right mix of cartoony and realistic (put some strings over cry_sob_loop w/ slow zoom on MC, and you’re practically golden for a funeral scene). I also like INK’s faceshapes, lips, and eyes. From what I’ve seen, I think LL has better noses and hair, though. I like the diversity LL has, but I don’t think it’s really fair to compare the two on that regard. Also, the LL closet is chef’s kiss. I love designing fresh outfits, but I know the INK closet like the back of my hand at this point :’((

I wasn’t active when Limelight came to town so maybe that’s why it looks so uncanny valley to me. There’s something off about it; the characters are supposed to be more realistic, but they’re so plastic/not emotive enough. To me, Limelight looks like an upgraded Classic instead of upgraded INK. I know I shouldn’t be talking about a new style when LL still has so far to go, but I would actually really like to see something in between LL and INK, like the characters on the front page of the forums.

You got the shading, accessories, body mods, and diverse features without the ai airbrushed barbie effect. Like, where was this???

TLDR–> 1. INK 2. Classic 3. Limelight


I love LLs design and how it has so much more to work with, but INK will always be my favorite, for nostalgic reasons. But I still would rather write in LL, because you can do more with it.