[Limelight + Ink] Fall Styles


Hey Episodians,

The weather’s going to be starting to change soon so we’re here with some new Fall Styles for your characters. Here’s a full list of what we’ll be releasing today:

Female [Limelight]
V Neck Button Up Sweater Polyester Blue Oxford
High Waisted Pockets Slacks Polyester Grey Black
Shopping Bags

Male [Limelight]
Open Cardigan Cotton Grey Light
Victorian Vest Shirt Button Up Shirt Cotton Blue Navy

Male [Ink]
Black White_CrewneckSweater
Red Cream_CrewneckSweater
Teal White_CrewneckSweater
Bole Navy_CrewneckSweater
Mauve Blue_CrewneckSweater
Green Beige_CrewneckSweater

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues with the items.


The Episode Team

New ink male clothes

Eeeergh I was hoping it was the big update :sweat:

Thank you guys anyways


@Jesse These are missing from the art catalog.


Just finished setting them all live. You should be able to locate them now!


Ah, I just noticed them moments after I posted that lol. Thank you.


Aww… Thought it was the new technology


What I’m wondering is, why does Limelight, since it’s out, mix into Ink style?

Limelight and Ink are different styles, which use different drawing and coloring. Limelight outfits look just weird on ink characters :weary:


i thought it would be the new character features update. : (
guess i’ll be waiting longer to start my story!

thanks nonetheless.





De bags thooooooooooooooooooo


Thank you for the INK updates :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The ink outfits are obviously Limelight style.

Why didn’t they add those to limelight as well :expressionless:


I hope they release the character features soon


I don’t see them with the clothes you have really put the name in then they pup up.


Make sure that the clothes are sorted by ‘Most Recently Updated’ (at the top left) so the most recently updated ones can appear first. It’s there for me, though.


strange xxx


i don’t see that standing? xxx


I know right, LL menswear is already lacking as it is.


Yay! I love these :heart_eyes: Thank you!