Limelight, Ink, or Classic, and WHY?

There are a bunch of threads on this topic, but nobody really explains why. I would love to see in detail why you like certain designs, and why you don’t like certain designs.

My fav is Limelight. I love the realism, and the animations are so smooth. There’s also a ton of customization.

I don’t like INK. I don’t get why it’s the most liked. I don’t like how it looks, and the customization is way too limited.

For classic… it’s a big yikes. I used to play when the only style was classic, and I don’t know how I tolerated it. The men are extremely terrifying and ugly. The women are better, but not by much. The characters look dead. Everything about it gives my brain warning signals. I was VERY surprised to see how many people still like Classic.

I’d love to hear all of your opinions.


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