Limelight is better for diversity

More features exist beyond just the button nose, uneven mouth, and defined triangle face. The natural hairstyles look more realistic and not cartoonish. Features exist that are accurate in creating diverse characters. It is actually possible to create attractive characters without just one set of details that I find myself doing for ink. Also so many skin tones exist. You guys hate on limelight too much. It is good and I’m so excited for its future.


I agree. I love how it’s not limited to 3 skin tones, the skin tones themselves are diverse.


We finally have more varieties of light, brown, and dark skin tones. Plus, the realistic features helps me have a better image of how I wanted my characters to look.


In my opinion, this is something that Episode missed immensely in the past with Classic and Ink.

While there were options to make the characters appear different, I personally never felt that the physical features appeared different enough on the character models. I think that many character designs created by authors often resulted in them looking too identical to each other despite attempts to make them different in the previous art styles as a result of this, especially in Ink.

And I feel that this is one of the many areas where Limelight excels in comparison to the other styles: differentiating the appearance of the character designs effectively. No matter the style that they’re aiming to develop, I think that it’s definitely a major artistic improvement on their behalf.

I think that currently, the physical features in Limelight are much easier to distinguish than any other style because they produce a larger effect on the appearance of the characters due to the heavily improved variation, details, and emphasis of them.

Honestly, I believe that Episode is doing a great job with Limelight right now, and I am also excited to see where it goes going forward. The project is far from finished, but I feel that the style is going in the right direction.


Oof. Perfect. Agrees all around.

I personally love cartoons and cartoony styles, so the fact that limelight is a little more realistic doesn’t do anything for me, but it does have more options even when I first started Episode, it had more combinations than ink and I thought that was awesome and still do think its awesome. More characters can all look different and it makes me happy ^^