Limelight is Taking Over!

It’s safe to say that LL is what most authors like; it’s a great art style. It also looks realistic. Since most authors are writing stories in LL, there are more stories in LL than in the Ink version. Am I right?


My characters just look better in Limelight than Ink to me :man_shrugging:


I don’t think so, most stories were written in INK since LL hadn’t come out yet, tho now that those stories are finished some people are re-doing them in LL, so soon there might be more. INK is my favorite still anyway.


Ohhh yeah. I think all characters look better in LL to be honest.


It does look way better.

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Yeah I love Ink to. I’m trying to adjust to liking LL because my upcoming story is going to be in LL, so I have to adjust to it. So far, I like LL a bit more than Ink at the moment.


Season 1 of my story was done in Ink while Season 2 is being done in LL. Honestly I can’t even go back to reviewing Season 1 because some characters just look so bleh :nauseated_face: to me now.


Yeah, I believe they really did a good job with this style. Although some of the animations look weird, and the boys arms don’t match with their heavenly six pack, I think it’s safe to say, at least in my opinion LL is the best style so far. So many more things you can do with that style, you can make so many unique/different/ethnic looking people in it. It just makes for great diversity TBH.


I agree with you. I do like some of their animations because they look realistic. But, some are a bit weird haha.

I still prefer ink but LL has gotten better. But I feel guilty for starting to like LL more and more😂


I KNOW!! :joy: me and INK have so much history, I don’t think I could ever let it go.

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Sameeee :joy::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I think they look much more realistic in LL because the animation and outfits are much more smooth then INK no offense i don’t read that many INK storys anymore. but INK will for sure always be big on episode the only style i don’t really like is classic.
But LL i definitely my favorite


I totally agree. I like how in Limelight you get to make your characters very realistic. The clothes are also great too though I think there should be more clothing for Limelight. Guess Limelight is the new INK.


I don’t necessarily think realistic means better, but I do love the variety :grin:

I hated LL when it first came out, but it had way more better clothes so I started to write my story in LL. I’m glad I did because you just get so used to it, Now Ink looks weird to me haha

Yeah I used to hate LL too when it came out because I thought it was a very ugly style. I thought nobody would use that style to write in, but I was wrong. Currently, I am working on my upcoming story, and it’s going to be in LL. So yay for me! haha


I prefer Ink right now but since everyone loves LL so much, the majority of the stories I see are written in LL… Guess I’ll have to get used to it? :joy:

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Realistic? Realistic you say?!?

Does your skin shine like wax each day of your life? Do you have your navel in the middle of your waist? Who the heck bends their knees like that to walk?!?

I am in no way attacking you, I just had to get that out of my chest :sweat_smile:

Anyway, yep. The day has come. Limelight took over. I might as well go suck it now instead of fretting :sleepy:

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Limelight is growing to becoming a really good style with the tattoos, freckles, beauty marks, scars, multiple hairstyles, and outfits. I don’t know the exact statistics for sure but I’m sure the number of limelight stories are beginning to grow larger. I think Ink is probably used a little more. The animations are a little more appealing in Ink in my honest opinion. Haven’t bothered to check out the classic style.

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