[Limelight] It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas


a nice good cup of coco, sitting by the fire, relaxing, UGH DECEMBER IS THE BEST MONTH. well, yall can agree or disagree.


Literally Heaven


I hope the next update will be stuff for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! :v:t5:


I don’t celebrate Christmas so I don;t know what to feel for this update! :rofl:


Lol.Used those red slippers too.


ahhh myyy lol


they match perfectly :joy:


Have me thinking of home alone 2 with the song​:hugs::hugs: thanks for this update :blush::blush:


ikr!! XD


I’ve never been so motivated to publish my new episodes so I can go back and edit my Christmas one without forcing people to re-read




Wow :astonished:




OMG IMAGINE A FIRE CRACKLING SOUND, or maybe that alread exists?


yay! i love all the clothes LL is getting lol


Oh My God! The clothes are perfect for my Christmas story! :heart::heart::heart:




I wanna write a story in LL now lol
But I already have like 5 stories I’m working on…


I am happy, we got those animations though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Eeeh! It’ll be perfect for some scenes.


You have control I"be created 20 something stories