Limelight Lagging?

Is it me, or Limelight and the Portal itself really slow? On my computer, the previewer is fucking slow… I’m getting pissed.


Yeah limelight is laggy, but I think the previewer is slow no matter what because I write in ink and it’s the most frustrating thing

I wonder why. This never happened to me before.

I’ve seen quite a few posts about how laggy limelight is lately

For real?

Yeah, I’ve seen like three others today

Bro… is it the updates?

I have no idea, I think there’s been a few problems since they updated the skin tones

One bug I found was that the Round Button wasn’t showing up…

People were having problems with the noses, the skin tones that they had changed a little, and lagginess

I know about the skin tones one. It’s still irritating


The round button not showing up is an issue that’s happened to a few people, I’ve seen someone post it on their Instagram

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Yeah, I went on the Portal and had that problem too, I was thinking, “??”