Limelight lay in a bed & starts talking on the phone


I have a problem.
I want to do that my character starts talking on the phone while he is lying on bed. But when I try to change position (for ex. talk_phone_angry_lop) he is always disappear! I don’t understand why?



It’s different coding for that animation so he’s spotted differently. If you want him to sit up and talk, you’d need to spot him correctly then proceed. Otherwise, there isn’t an animation where he can talk on the phone while laying down.


Thank you, but there is a problem with other positions. No matter what I choose (for ex. idle_lay_awake_rubeyes_loop) my character is always dissapear somewhere or just change her side from left to right:(
Maybe it’s a silly question, but I need help because i’m new on episode:) thanks a lot!


It’s different coding for those animations so you’ll need to choose ‘directing helper’ then ‘zoom helper’ & zoom out.

Afterwards you choose ‘spot helper’ & drag the character wherever you want them to be then you can adjust the size be clicking above the spotting codes & then write down the spotting codes.

If you need additional help you can check out how to advance direct on Joseph Evans YT channel or in the directing guides on the portal. :relaxed: