[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


So you write because it’s fun and don’t expect any of the money for the work you’ve given them for free.

Also, we don’t know what they’ve got coming out… but we do know that after two weeks, they didn’t give us assets that would have even taken them 1 week to make and debug.


Exactly. Even if you’ve got gem choices, you won’t mske that money unless you’ve had 100,000 reads…

And they don’t even help you get there when you’re the source of their income.


So it’s fair enough to ask for assets in return.

Not even money. Just assets. Just for them to do their job.


People just don’t want to realize how Episode gains money or produce stuff. They are not even making sense tho. @ShanniiWrites Your points do make the most sense and you aren’t spreading negativity if you are correcting Episode for doing their job. Plus you haven’t hated them for the past updates just this one. This one you did say you are happy for it but it’s just very small and lazy. It was


Exactly. I was completely understanding last week when they said they weren’t going to update and I was very happy they were honest with us.

This isn’t an honest update though.


You stated that clearly last week. And I know you are somewhat happy we got this update but this is just small and kinda lazy.


I would have been more than happy if it came out last week. It’s some good stuff. It’s just not two weeks of good stuff.

I’d be even happier if you could see moles on my black characters.


Are people forgetting we literally saw new hairstyles that they’re choosing not to release? We’re getting drip-fed nonsense and people are eating it up because they’re ‘happy with what they have’. Sure thing, stay happy with your lot. Some people want improvement and evolution


That’s blatant neglect. They didn’t even care enough to check if they’re using hairstyles they already have.


Another thing people forgot:

Episode said it takes them at least 9 months to create a story. (Which I really don’t believe sksksksks)

And there have been stories created just for the SOLE PURPOSE of showcasing the new features!

It means they had these features for at least 6 months now! And these were used in a featured story for ALL of the users to see. What else are they testing?!

Nothing. Its just a marketing move. They are creating hype. (But it fails D:)


I can really see it on my dark skin characters and that makes me a little sad. You need to zoom up to see it and it kinda blends in with them.


Exactly. People write much longer, more complicated and better stories in 6 months on episode with amazing directing.

They have 9/5 to do it every day.

So now that we’ve established that how long stories take is an exaggeration, it’s not a far stretch to say they’re lying about how long it takes to update assets too.


See, we are pointing out the issues we need them to fix. If they can make the freckles appear on dark character then they can do the same for the moles.


Limelight has been around for a long time now and you still can’t have characters in wheelchairs


I’m irritated now. The ‘just appreciate what you got’ argument is some of the biggest nonsense I’ve ever heard. If we felt that way about other forms of media we’d never have moved past Tetris in video games, black people wouldn’t be in films and women wouldn’t be able to vote.

Complete and utter absurdity


Exactly. I don’t expect anything money-wise from episode because that’s my choice to make. If I wanted money from it, I’d publish a book instead. It’s hard enough to get into the writers payment program, so why bother setting it as my goal?

And yeah, the assets they gave us this week were not up to standard. I’m not going to excuse episode from that. Like I said before, Im hoping that we get an update that’s worth the three week wait. I don’t mind waiting an extra week for assets, but I do mind waiting two more for two measly updates with nothing big.


Did I say I expect money?

No. I said I’m giving Episode free money, so I expect them to make my job easier in giving them free money.


Its like when something like car crash happens and you broke your bones and lose your car and people say “it couldve been worse!” Yeah, but it still doesnt change the fact that this is unpleasant :grimacing:


Preach!!! :raised_hands:t4:


It has to be give and take.

If they’re not giving anything for stories, they shouldn’t be making money from other writers’ work. Only their own stuff.

If they’re making money from us, we deserve something back - not just a platform to give them money on.