[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


Sometimes nothing really is better than something. If that something is disappointing nonsense. I’d prefer the wait for something worth it


So until they help the community, they should demonetise all community stories.


It’s actually the law.

If you’re going to use someone’s content, it should be nonprofit. If you’re going to be using it for profit, they should get something for it.


Whoa I’m not trying to take a dig at you, I was talking about how I don’t really care for my stories getting money.

I didn’t mean to offend you if that’s what you thought I was doing.

If you think that you deserve to get paid for your hard work then by all means, go ahead. It’s hard to be accepted into the program as it is, and even then there’s still a lot of problems with it from what I’ve read from other writers and their issues with it.


Which is because episode is an exploitative company. If they can’t even give 2 weeks of updates after 2 weeks (their job), how can we expect them to be good to writers?


‘Exploitative company’ is kinda like saying ‘sitting chair’ these days. People just don’t wanna accept that every company is eventually gonna try to push their luck with you. (Videogames with their gambling tendencies these days) because it’s hard to accept that something you like can be run by people so morally bankrupt


Episode could learn a thing or two about transparency and updating frequently from Insomniac Games, though.


We really should start a thread so we can talk about this disaster and not keep getting our replys hidden :unamused:


Well, I think we need to keep in mind that the writer’s portal probably isn’t that cheap to maintain. We’re given this platform to not only write on, but we’re able to host our stories on the app for free. As far as I know, no other similar app (Choices, Chapters etc) does this. I personally think that making our readers watch a couple short ads before each episode is a small price to pay. It’s nothing out-of-pocket for any of us.

From what I’ve heard, ad revenue doesn’t bring in that much. I believe gems/passes/other sales bring in the bulk of the revenue. You mentioned $20-80k a day (I’m not sure where you got that from? That’s a very large spread.). I would imagine that’s pure revenue. For all we know, the expenses could be almost just as high.

I don’t think anyone’s job is solely to create new weekly content for us. If the portal didn’t exist, there would still be an art team (although, it would likely be a bit smaller) and they’d still be creating new assets. The same people who try to bring us new weekly content are probably also involved in much longer projects (such as body types). Just over a year ago we didn’t even get weekly updates. Everyone was so excited when we did get something (I can’t even remember how frequent that was now. Probably sporadic?). Now people seem to think we’re entitled to something every single week. I wonder if the Episode team ever regret starting that. (I also have to wonder if that’s why they keep the updates quite small- just so they have enough to give us something weekly.)

I agree with @LyraKeiken - the part that annoys me most is the communication divide. Someone from the team could easily come on here and explain why the updates or small or what’s to come and give us a rough estimate of when. They could also explain why updates take as long as they do because at the moment, we’re all making a lot of assumptions.


The same exact question for months !!!


oh right and this from a post made July 19th Screenshot_16
They did not just make those dots


I’m honestly surprised at how frequent they are updating considering Episode is FTP. It would be one thing if you had to pay for the game before playing it, or if it was unplayable without doing purchases. Or if you had to pay to use the new hairstyles/tattoos/clothes etc. But as it stands it’s entirely possible to play for free. I haven’t come across another FTP game that gives the players this much freedom and value. Like @EliseC said, I can’t imagine the portal being cheap to maintain.

Not to say that I’m happy with them all the time or enjoy the updates we get. But it doesn’t seem like something I should be insulted or upset by… :woman_shrugging:


Is it bad that I spend actual money on not wanting to see ads?


If something is absurd, that’s to compare Episode updates with the representation of black people or women’s voting rights. Those things made a huge impact on the society, and this is an app on your phone/tablet where your drawn character can change into 30 different outfits within 2 minutes and date random gang members who are still in high school.



I can guarantee you that there is no app out there that costs anywhere near 72,000 a day to maintain.

It certainly is someone’s job to create new content for the community, since the app is about letting people make their own stories. Being hired to make art for an app which is about allowing users to create their own stories means your job is to create art content for users. “If the app wasn’t a different app, they’d still have artists” is a ridiculous argument.

As i said, we’re the reason Episode is making money and they say they appreciate us keeping them right. They set a precedent and didn’t keep to it. Their fault.

If anyone’s making assumptions, it’s the people thinking it takes months to make a mole.


That’s an estimate but based on what? How do we even know those revenue claims are valid?
I tried to find some financial statements online but since PG’s is private, I couldn’t find anything. If anyone has real, verified data- please fling it my way.


Did you miss the word “estimate”?


Clearly not.



A server like Episode does not take thousands a day to maintain. They make a great profit – clearly enough to hire full-time artists and coders… who don’t produce as much content as other artists and coders in their field.

Episode doesn’t work solely in their free time and estimations like these aren’t pulled out of people’s asses.


Way to take my comments out of context. I asked if there was a place to FIND this.