[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business




If there was a place to find this data, Episode would be a transparent company that wasn’t exploiting its image as low-budget.

How much do you think it takes to maintain a portal? Thousands a day?


I have no IT background so I would prefer not to make estimates with absolutely no knowledge. But I can’t imagine it being cheap. Plus running the app. (I’m including employee/wage expenses.)


So it’s a pretty big assumption to say that the cost to run an Episode server is anywhere near 72,000 a day, especially considering the highest server price for an online game I could find (an MMO, not a more basic game like Episode) was 250K a year. Episode could make that in less than 4 days. I will continue to do research on the subject, but I know for a fact that it costs nowhere near 72,000 a day to run.

Assuming that the website is accurate, that is 26,280,000 a year, rounding down to be generous (since the platform doesn’t just disappear or go down on national holidays).

As a blogger, I would be betting on the side of accurate, to be honest. A single blogger alone can earn upwards of 250,000 a year for their blog if they’re successful without the inclusion of intrusive ads like Episode has. You get a lot more for ads consumers are forced to view. That’s why YouTubers made so much before the algorithm failed. And that’s with the middle-man, YouTube, making the bulk of the profit. Episode is its own platform so it cuts out that middle-man. Technically individual writers would be more like YouTubers, except they don’t get paid as much. Now, Episode is more than successful. It has millions of users.

Okay so taking that into consideration, let’s say that they spend the same as an MMORPG on their server, even though that’s grossly inaccurate and way more than it would be. That would be 250K.

Then you have the wages of employees. Let’s say Episode is a massive team (if they were, it would be disgraceful that they pump these out so slowly) with 50 team members. We’ll take a nice average of 60K a year for the 50 members. That’s 3 million.

So they’d spend 3,250,000 on the general running and staffing of Episode. Of course, there are other things to consider such as advertisement, software and office costs, but unless we act like that would all cost 20 million a year (which it won’t. I’d be surprised if it cost more than 2 million), Episode is still making a sizeable profit of about 20 million.

But even factoring all of that in, what does that have to do with creating new content? If they already have the software and the staffing (which they do, since you did mention staffing when you were talking about costs to Episode and the software is obvious or they wouldn’t be able to run the app at all), there are very few other monetary factors they need to consider when it comes to producing assets. You need people and software. That’s all you need. You don’t need to buy resources or raw materials to code a new asset. Why does it matter how much profit they make? Especially if we’ve established they’d make a great profit even with 50 staff members earning well over the national average.


We’re assuming that the actual revue is $72k a day. Without knowing where that website gets their numbers from, I can’t take those numbers as being a valid estimate.
We also don’t know what the expenses are. Episode is quite a big team and wage expenses are not cheap. I’d imagine that would be the biggest chunk of expenses. Plus Episode has an actual office that they likely rent. All those indirect expenses still contribute to running the app/portal.

Without actual numbers, none of us can make any accurate assumptions. We’re all assuming.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk numbers anymore without concrete data lol.
Back to the topic- I do wish that someone from the Episode team would come here and answer some of out questions. It would be quite easy for them to explain why we didn’t get an update last week or why it takes as long as it does.
Personally, it doesn’t bother me and maybe that’s because when I started writing, we never had the weekly updates. :woman_shrugging:


I gave you some data ^

The 72,000 was actually the lowest I found. Other sites claimed Episode made 3 million in the September of 2017. September having 30 days would mean that’s 100K a day.


And I can’t rely on that data without knowing how it was calculated and where it came from :woman_shrugging:.


Did you read what I said? I was actually really generous to your argument. I mean, what coder is going to earn 60K a year? Not many. Plus, there’s the fact that a team of about 10 people created the whole of the original Facebook. 50 is a massive overstatement, and there was still a massive profit.

Ad revenue is a massive source of income. I didn’t even factor in things like gem choices.


Sticking to this now. This is going in circles and is getting off-topic. I also can’t comment on wages for the US. 60k is fairly entry-level where I’m from. If anyone wants to continue this conversation please DM me.


You realise different currencies have different levels of inflation, right? Tell me what currency you use and I can tell you the equivalent in yours.

I mean, 60K would be 6,829,200 Japanese Yen. You can’t seriously compare currencies like that?!


But this is the main thing. Regardless of how much money they’re earning, if they’re paying staff and paying for software (which they are), they have all you need to create assets.


So with that (low) estimate, they could still afford to pay 50 staff and gain a profit. 50 staff is way more than you’d need to produce assets every week.


You’re right, I wasn’t thinking in USD. My apologies. Still, I can’t comment on wages in the US which is all that I was getting at. I have no idea what a coder would make.
(And $75k AUD would be a decent but average wage for someone with a qualification and a couple years work experience)


There is one last thing I have to ask: how any of this is your concern?
When you buy new shoes or an electronic device for example, do you make a research about financial reports of the companies, or do you ask the cashier: “Excuse me, how much does your company make a day? What are your costs? How much is your salary?”

Companies make profit, that’s how it works. And just for the record: well-qualified, experienced software developers can earn way more than 60K in the US.


Okay, guys, I know that this update was really crappy and everything, but I’m about 98% positive that they added new backgrounds. I could be totally insane, but that’s what it looks like. So maybe that was part of the update? (sorry if this is wrong, but I’m pretty sure)


Depending on the calculator, day and bank but sure. My comment is still the same :woman_shrugging:


Do you have pictures of those backgrounds?


The Ghamali ones? Or something different.
The Ghamali ones were added a while back but I don’t think we ever had an announcement lol.


That’s exactly what I was getting at. Did you read the paragraph where I asked what their revenue has to do with whether or not they produce assets? @EliseC claimed that the cost of running the server was an excuse for not having regular updates. I explained that they don’t spend anywhere near what they made and said that as long as they have staff and software, they have all they need. And also that they could afford to hire 50 staff to pump out updates frequently.

It’s not going to drop or rise by 10K, though. Not unless there’s a huge economic issue in either country


No, I can take any atm. But it looks like a plane and a new living room. Someone also said a party room.
And possibly new overlays? Haven’t checked that out, but that’s what someone mentioned