[Limelight] Lets Get Down to Business


It would be awesome if you did manage to get hold of pictures! That would make the update a little more worth it.


I agree with you. You’re not spreading negativity, just calling out Episode for what they’re doing. If we use their app, or anything related to it, then it’s only fair that we get regular updates. I was unimpressed by the new update, but that doesn’t mean I’m being spoiled, or whatever. 2 dots are nothing…


Is this it?


Exactly! In fact, it’s worrying that so many people are telling anyone complaining that they have to let Episode get away with that kind of thing. The fact is that we don’t just read stories on Episode. If we were only watching stories and they were producing them, I’d actually not complain because then it would be a give an take relationship.

The fact that we make and read stories means we’re actually giving a lot more in this relationship than Episode do. They could at least give us regular updates.


I never said that and that’s not relevant to this discussion anyway. $75k was a very rough estimate.

I highly doubt that (maybe 1 or 2 but 50?) but anyway, again we’re speculating. Neither of us actually know.
Episode does seem a bit understaffed at the moment just in general- look at approvals and support requests. I would hope that if they had enough money in the budget to hire more people that they’d be doing so :neutral_face:


I didn’t say 50 extra staff. I said 50 staff in general.


Ah I apologise then, I read that wrong.
They do have quite a lot of staff, though? I have no idea how many but they seem to have quite a few different teams.


Most companies don’t. It’s much cheaper to overwork a small cohort of staff and keep higher net incomes for the higher up people. It’s also easier to hire unqualified interns at minimum wage than put in time and money to get someone good. Companies like Episode are money-making machines. They thrive on cutting costs as much as possible.


These are only some of what I can tell. I don’t entirely remember, but I think these are some.
There are definitely more variations of these though


Honestly not sure, don’t really remember that one though so maybe?


That’s not new.


Those are old I’m sure




A few different teams can mean 4 different teams of 5 people or 5 different teams of 10 people. It completely depends on Episode’s secret practices.

Plus, there are about 4 moderators for a massive forum. It says a lot in itself.


Oh, absolutely. I play the Sims Free Play, and there’s only an update once a month. If we can create towns and people, take care of them, and earn Simoleons, then they give us updates to improve the game for their players. In turn, they’ll gain more players, based on how well the update works on a device.

… Do you get what I mean?


I haven’t seen the final one but I think the other two have been around for a while. I never know with Episode backgrounds, though, because they’re so badly organised.


My points are pointless?
How so? I see this as a fairly logical discussion tbh on both sides.
Anyway, I said I was out a long time ago but I stayed because the conversation seemed to be settling down and I just wanted to clarify my points (a couple of which were taken out of context).
I was basically done. Just because you didn’t like what I said didn’t mean you needed to tell me to stop talking :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure all three have been around for a while (not completely sure on the last one).


Exactly! And the players they have will be more likely to spend money on in-app purchases! When I see that there’s a gem choice that’s new and unique, I’m more likely to get it. When it’s the same old stuff I’ve seen elsewhere, I’d rather not.


Yup! Like, “Positively Princess”. I don’t want to read that story, but the updates are really tempting me to do so. It’s almost like any other Episode featured story.